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Coming to Oklahoma City February 2023

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Bar + Tapas

We use only the finest ingredients to prepare flavorful, globally inspired, sharable plates for your table

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From freshly ground spices to organic produce, we use only the finest ingredients to prepare you bright + robust plates.


Incorporating experience from travel & education, Chef Fox combines inspired flavors from around the world.


Master the art of sharing at Riserva. Every item is meant to be shared. Our recs on what to order? One of everything.

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Prepared just for you, always using fresh ingredients

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Elara Gourmet Restaurant
June 28, 2022
Elara Gourmet Restaurant

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Elote Style Quinoa Salad
June 28, 2022
Elote Style Quinoa Salad

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9 Best Healthy Chickpea Recipes
June 28, 2022
9 Best Healthy Chickpea Recipes

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